Food Pantry

The objective of the Food Pantry committee is to motivate parishioners to donate food items and/or money to support various food pantry locations.

On the second Sunday of each month, referred to as Pantry Sunday, a cart is placed in the Gathering Space of the church for food donations. The food is then delivered to the food pantry at Holy Rosary/St. John Parish. Also on the same Sunday, blue envelopes are placed in the pews in the church for monetary donations. The money, along with the money from the blue envelopes in the Sunday envelope packets, is dispersed to four different locations: Holy Rosary/St. John Food Pantry and Learning Center, Joint Organization for Inner-City Needs (J.O.I.N.), St. Francis

Center at McArthur, and the Dublin Food Pantry. In addition to financial support for the pantries, parishioners have the opportunity to deliver food items once per month, to assist with special projects, or volunteer at one of the pantries. To volunteer for the Food Pantry Committee or seek further information, contact the parish office, 614-889-2221.