GENDER THEORY.  This is arguably now the biggest topic in contemporary life.  University Sociology Departments, Literature Departments, Religious Studies Departments, and others have put the study of Gender Theories in the forefront of research and course offerings.  We know, though, that the discussions and issues are not limited to Ivory Tower intellectuals but are being addressed and wrestled with by the parents, children, teachers, administrators, priests, and ministers down here “in the trenches.” 

The Church has recently offered some guidance.  The Congregation for Catholic Education (for Educational Institutions) issued, in early February of this year, a document it titled, “Male and Female He Created Them”: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education.  Notice two important thrusts to this document: (1st) it is directed primarily at helping schools and school personnel at seeing a way through the thicket of real world problems that come from gender and sexual identity issues.  (2nd) it advocates and invites “dialogue” on these real world problems; the document is even-handed, sensitive, charitable, caring, and a model of good reasoning.

I encourage all parents, college and high school students, school teachers (including PSR teachers), school administrators, and – indeed – everyone to read (and to read carefully) this Congregation’s document of guidance.  It will help you in practical ways, add to your knowledge, and contribute to having an increasingly well-formed conscience. 

Male and Female He Created Them

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