Jr. High

Teenager Praying on His Knees

Challenging 7th and 8th grade students to accept the gift of faith so freely given to them, to take hold of the responsibilities of that faith and to share it with others, to become active members of their parish, and to continue their journey to strengthen their faith and deepen their relationship with God: this is the vision of the Junior High  Youth Group at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church. Students are invited to gather weekly to build community and fellowship, to give of themselves by sharing their gifts and faith stories with others, to pray and to have fun together. Opportunities for service, reconciliation, prayer,  retreats, social activities, and parish involvement are provided.

Download your 2019-2020 Junior High PSR or RCIA Teens Calendar here:

Junior High PSR Calendar

RCIA Teens - First Year Calendar

Youth Confirmation:

Confirmation is celebrated at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church in the eighth grade.  Students wishing to be confirmed here must attend either: Catholic school or PSR (Parish School of Religion) from first through eighth grades.

Exceptions will be handled through the Director of Religious Education.

All candidates for Confirmation must demonstrate a knowledge of the faith, and be active participants in parish life, e.g., Mass.