PSR Registration is closed...Registration closed September 10.

Registered parishioners of St. Peter Roman Catholic Church are welcome to enroll their children in PSR classes. Students must register for classes each PSR year.

Download your forms here! 

PSR Registration 2019-20 August    

PSR Registration 2019-20 en espanol - Aug

Emergency Medical Info Form

Informacion Medica de Emergencia 19-20

Parent & Student Handbook 2019-2020

Parent & Student Handbook en espanol 2019-20

PSR Volunteer Form 2019-20

4110.01 Curriculum Support

Direct questions to Elizabeth at [email protected]

Students new to the program must present their Baptismal Certificate when registering.

New students registering in grades 2 or 8 must present proof, in the form of a letter, from their previous parish, of  regular attendance in religious education class.

It is our policy to have a minimum of two diocesan compliant adults in each classroom.   We strive to provide the safest possible environment for each of the children and youth participating in classes and activities in our parish.

Class availability is directly related to the number of volunteers who complete the diocesan requirements.