About PSR

About PSR

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood PSR program is an age-appropriate religion readiness experience for 3-5-year-olds in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Trained volunteer teachers and aides foster faith development in a structured and sequential manner. Our program supports the faith formation that takes place in the home and educates children about our Catholic faith and traditions. Classes take place in the McEwan Center during the 9:00 Mass.



The goal of the Elementary PSR Program at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church is to meet the children where they are, in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, journey with them through the Scriptures, the sacraments, and the stories of the early Church to a fuller understanding of God and a deeper faith relationship with Him. This is done with a strong emphasis on prayer and discipleship. The text, Alive In Christ, meets all the diocesan graded course of study requirements. Children learn - about God through Scripture, Church Tradition, Church Doctrine, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the lives of the Saints, prayer, journaling, colorful visuals, and in-class and at-home activities. Elementary classes will offered on Sunday and Monday evenings for grades 1-8 for the 2022-2023 school year.


First Communion is celebrated at St. Peter Church in the second grade. 

Students wishing to celebrate this sacrament must attend either: Catholic school or PSR (Parish School of Religion) in both first and second grades. Exceptions will be handled through the Director of Religious Education.

All candidates for First Holy Communion must demonstrate a knowledge that it is the Real Presence of Christ they are receiving in Communion, and be active participants in parish life, e.g., Mass.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Students are challenged to explore, understand and live their faith through a historically rooted and Scripture based understanding of the personality, mission and nature of Jesus, and of the sacraments he instituted.  Service is a large component.

Students are further challenged to explore, understand and live their faith through a historically rooted and Scripture based understanding of the Church and in particular, the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Students are invited to deepen their relationship with God, affirm their faith, and live out their faith in the world.  There is a retreat component for all students being Confirmed.


Youth Group

Challenging  7th-12th-grade students:

  • to accept the gift of faith so freely given to them,
  • to take hold of the responsibilities of that faith and to share it with others,
  • to become active members of their parish, and
  • to continue their journey to strengthen their faith and deepen their relationship with God

This is the vision of the Youth Group at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church.

Middle and High School Students are invited to gather weekly to build community and fellowship, to give of themselves by sharing their gifts and faith stories with others, to pray, and to have fun together. Opportunities for service, reconciliation, prayer, retreats, social activities, and parish involvement are provided.


Confirmation is celebrated at St. Peter Church in the eighth grade. 

Students wishing to be confirmed here must attend either: Catholic school or PSR (Parish School of Religion) from first through eighth grades.

Exceptions will be handled through the PSR Coordinator.

All candidates for Confirmation must demonstrate a knowledge of the faith, and be active participants in parish life, e.g., Mass.


St. Peter offers religious education programs to our children from age 3 through high school.

These programs serve the youth in our parish. All teachers (catechists) are certified under current diocesan guidelines, and educational classes are available each year for volunteers who want to be involved.

In addition to teaching, there are endless opportunities to volunteer in religious education programs as teacher aides or teacher/aide substitutes. Volunteer opportunities are available in each of the education programs.

All adult volunteers must have completed the "Protecting God's Children" training and must have had a background check and been fingerprinted.