Parish Administration

The Facilities and Grounds Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of our parish buildings, operational systems (heating and air conditioning), and grounds (parking, sidewalks, and landscaping).

The committee has developed a long-range maintenance program that is reviewed and updated periodically.

Each year, the committee performs a walk-through of the grounds and buildings and develops a list of maintenance projects for that year.

Parishioners experienced in building and grounds maintenance are encouraged to participate. 

The purpose of this committee is to assure the availability of adequate financial resources for the spiritual, educational, and community service needs of the parish.

The primary function of this committee is to serve as advisors to the pastor on financial matters of the parish. A parish budget is recommended to the Parish Council at the beginning of each fiscal year (July through June). Income and expenses are monitored throughout the year.

The committee also considers special requests for support and contributes to worthy causes within the budget allocation set aside for charities (5% of parish income). This enables the parish to respond quickly to unexpected events and reduces the need for special collections.

The Finance Committee consists of seven lay parishioners, who are appointed by the pastor. Each lay member serves for five years, with terms expiring each year to maintain continuity.

Committee meetings are held every other month. 

The Liturgy Committee’s objective is to assist the pastor in studying and recommending pastoral methods for implementing liturgical rituals, policies, and procedures in accordance with the liturgical norms of the Church.

The committee oversees the overall planning of liturgical celebrations and the training and coordination of liturgical ministers.

The very nature of liturgical celebrations is to give glory and praise to God through our full, conscious, and active participation. The parish cannot worship well together without the services of many liturgical ministers. Parishioners are asked to give careful consideration to making a commitment of time and talent to these important ministries. Except for altar servers, liturgical ministers must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and must be a regularly practicing Catholic. 

Among the many groups that fall under the umbrella of the Liturgy Committee are the following:

  • Art and Environment
  • Greeters, Ushers
  • Sacristans
  • Funeral Servers
  • Altar Servers
  • Lectors
  • Liturgy of the Word with Children
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
  • Music Ministries

For more information click the link to download one of our flyers. 

Liturgy Committee Flyer