Art and Environment is a ministry that works to bring beauty to the interior of St. Peter parish by way of using liturgically appropriate flowers, plants, and art work. We have a team that helps to take care of the upkeep of interior plants and also decorating for holy days and solemnities. We have a need for volunteers especially during the Christmas and Easter season.

Coordinators:  Lisa Davis and Shannon Rechnitzer

Contact Information:

[email protected] 
[email protected]

Our committee’s purpose is to promote the Culture of Life through prayer, education, advocacy, and by providing material resources to local crisis pregnancy centers. 

The message of the program is that “all human life, born or unborn, deserves respect and protection at every stage of its existence and in every circumstance of human living.”  

The committee is focused on providing educational programs on the dignity of human life and the responsibility of society to protect all of its members.  It has a high priority to engage the attention and mobilize the energies of Catholic people.  

To volunteer or for further information, contact Becky Rubal at [email protected] 

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The St. Vincent de Paul Society is international in scope and was organized to meet the immediate needs of any person or persons, regardless of race, color, creed, or gender.

The St. Peter chapter receives calls from individuals to the Parish Office or a request from the diocese to research a case. Each case is handled on its own merits and needs; and the solutions, within set limits, are prescribed according to those needs. The only income to this society is through a portion of the collection on fifth Sundays of the month (roughly once every three months) or through gifts from a parishioner or other donor.

To request assistance or to volunteer, contact the parish office, 614-889-2221, ext. 111.

The Lazarus Group provides a luncheon for family and friends following a funeral.

Men or women interested in working in this ministry are invited to contact the parish office, 614-889-2221.

The choirs support the liturgy in song: “Let everything that has breath give praise to the LORD!” (Psalm 150:6). We sing at 11:00 AM Masses (English, Sept-June) and 1:30 PM Masses (Spanish). Both choirs meet about 45 minutes before Mass for practice in the Red Room. The English-language choir meets on Tuesdays at 7PM for practice Sept-June. Feel free to “drop” into any Mass and join us!

English Mass Music Ministry: Contact Matt Rubal at [email protected] for more information!

The Open Shelter is an outreach ministry that assists in feeding the homeless in Columbus, OH. St. Peter Parishioners and friends gather two times per month to bag 200 lunches that are distributed at the Open Shelter downtown. We ask for volunteers on an ongoing monthly basis through email all year. The commitment can be one hour a year or one hour a month depending on your availability. It’s a good way for families from roughly age four and older to get involved in a volunteer activity. Just give us your email address and you’ll receive an email every month asking if you’re available. You need only respond if you can help that month. We’d love to have you!

Coordinator: Maria Dishop

Contact Information: [email protected]

The goal of the Community Services Committee is to support St. Peter Roman Catholic Church in its mission to provide aid to those in need, by coordinating food, financial and other material collections. Specifically, the Committee organizes the following collections: (1) Sweaters for Seniors (January); (2) two annual Food Drives (spring and autumn); (3) two annual Baby Showers (spring and autumn); (4) School Supplies collection (July); and (5) the Christmas Adopt-a-Child collection. On-going support for the food pantries is provided through donations to the cart in the Welcome Center and financial donations to the Yellow Envelopes placed in the church pews one weekend a month.

To volunteer, contact: Coordinator: Kathleen McGraw

Contact Information: [email protected]

We coordinate with the Red Cross to set dates for future bloodmobiles and then work with parish staff to make sure our facilities are ready for them. We also help to recruit donors and work closely with the St. Peter Knights of Columbus.

Coordinators: Ed Foster and Chris Miller

Contact Information: [email protected]