Parishioners and the children of parishioners are welcome to celebrate their weddings at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church. The bride and groom should make an appointment with the priest, or one of the deacons assigned to the parish, at least six months before the anticipated wedding date. The parish secretary cannot schedule wedding dates; only the priest or deacon can do that, and only after the marriage preparations have been completed.

Preparation for marriage includes participation in Pre-Cana sessions and a premarital assessment, generally employing FOCCUS.

Catholics who are in a second marriage "outside the Church" or who are married to someone who was previously married, or who are considering a second marriage may wish to discuss their situations with the parish priest or one of the deacons.


Debe reunirse con uno de los padres o diáconos al menos 6 meses antes de la fecha anticipada. Para estar seguros de que les hemos preparado adecuadamente y que cumplen todos los requisitos para ser casados por la Iglesia Católica, nadie excepto el sacerdote o el diacono que les está preparando puede darles fecha para la boda.  Mire el manual para las bodas para más información.


  • Ser miembro de la parroquia o que los padres de alguno de los dos sean miembros de la parroquia
  • Clases de Pre Cana
  • Programa FOCUS
  • Formación 

Pre-Cana Ministry at St. Peter


The Pre Cana team works with the diocese to prepare engaged couples for marriage. We host several all day retreats at St Peter parish throughout the year. We are a bilingual ministry and our team consists of couples who have been trained and help out by way of delivering talks and facilitating the retreats. We guide the couples to a deeper level relationship with each other and with Jesus at the center of their sacramental marriage. 

Coordinators: Shannon and Stephen Rechnitzer (English), Marta Quiñones (Spanish)

Contact Information: 

[email protected] (English)

 mquinones@stpetercolumbus (Spanish)