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From the Pastor - 3/23

March 21, 2023


We congratulate all of our young persons from our parish who received the...Read more

Excerpt from the Article “Immigration Idealism’

May 28, 2020

Pope Francis … has also said that prudence must govern migration policy. ‘This means you have to ask yourself first: How much space do I have? Second: you have to remember it’s not just about taking them in, but also integrating them’ he said in 2017. He also said that ‘Europe [and the United States] will be able to confront the problems associated with immigration only if it is capable of clearly asserting its own cultural identity’ [underlying added]. These statements tend to be overlooked by the people who eagerly repeat … paeans to openness, but they illustrate an important truth: Sooner or later, even the most idealistic calls to welcome migrants [sic] must contend with hard reality.Read more

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